Why Apple, Google and Microsoft are spending more time on TikTok

The popularity of TikTok has brought the platform's video content onto the radar of major tech companies like Apple,

Microsoft and Google and is expanding their followings using the popular social networking platform.

Three technological majors' TikTok accounts have nearly 3 million followers and more than 8.5 million likes.

The growth of big tech's activities on TikTok is indicative of a wider cultural trend.

Google, Apple and Microsoft all have TikTok accounts, and there are more than 8.5 million followers between the three.

However, while Apple boasts over 1.3 million users on its platform Google is the only one. Google and Microsoft have 43,000 and 143,000 respectively.

But , unlike Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter as well as any other social media platform on which they also have a presence

TikTok is used to promote brands outside of traditional marketing.

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