What is indexed universal life insurance?

IUL life insurance

The indexed universal life (IUL) Insurance is permanent meaning it will last for the rest of your existence and creates cash value.


An IUL policy permits some growth in cash value through using an index of equity.

What is an IUL policy function?

As an kind of permanent life insurance index universal life insurance is similar in the same way as universal life policies, with the exception of how they generate cash value.

IUL cash value allows growth based on the index of stocks (a set of different stock) instead of solely through non-equity earned rate.

How is interest calculated for the universal life insurance index?

IUL policies permit you to increase the value of your money by putting some of it into your equity index fund such as those in the S&P 500 or NASDAQ.

Instead of only relying on the earned rate of non-equity equity the equity index account is built by the indexes of a whole markets or, in some cases, market sectors.

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