Tesla Stock is One of the Top Charts in the Tech Industry

Tesla Stock

Tesla stock has done quite well, whereas the overall market is still in a state of flux. Here's how to trade.

Tesla Share 

It's probably making bears go crazy: Tesla ( TSLA) (TSLA) Take a look! Tesla Inc. The report is among the most beautiful charts of technology.

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Despite the difficulties that are threatening the market leader in electric vehicles, customers are still willing to push the price up.

From a larger view, the market has been in a downturn. Its S&P 500 dropped 4.7 percent in the past week, and the Nasdaq fell 5.5 percent.

This comes following the release of a more affluent inflation report than expected on Sept. 13.

Tesla Share Devidend 

Markets are now facing an Federal Reserve decision to increase interest rates tomorrow..

In the meantime, Tesla stock gained 1.2 percent in the this week and is now threatening an even bigger shift towards the upside.

It's not only outperforming a number of high-tech stocks -- and there are a few FAANG names gaining ground and a few of the top names being favorites such as Nvidia (NVDA)

Get NVIDIA Corporation Report -- it's also outperforming its automotive peers such as Ford (F) and Ford (F).

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