Rohit Sharma created history, made world record for sixes in T20I cricket

Rohit Sharma

Indian cricket captain Rohit Sharma is the first cricketer on the planet to hit the highest number of sixes while playing T20 International cricket.

Caiptan Rohit Sharma

Team India Captain Rohit Sharma has set an impressive record for the world at T20 International cricket.

Hitman Rohit Sharma

The hitman Rohit Sharma became the Sixer King of T20I cricket.

Player Rohit Sharma

The feat was achieved in the second game from the 3-match T20 game against Australia which was played in Nagpur.

Six Of Rohit Sharma

The match ended at 8-8 overs due the rain, but Rohit performed wonders when he struck the first six.

Marti Guptil Lefter Rohit Sharma

He has left New Zealand opener Martin Guptill on the sidelines in this particular matter.

Cricketer Rohit Sharma

Martin Guptill has 172 sixes to his credit, while Rohit Sharma struck the first six in Australia and increased his total of sixes up to 173 in T20I cricket.

Toper Rohit Sharma

Rohit is currently at the top of the list, Martin Guptill second and Chris Gayle at number three on the list of batsmen

Sixer King Rohit Sharma

with the more sixes than anyone else in T20I cricket.He has scored the most sixes in 79 matches.

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