Megan Fox Is an '80s Neon Dream in a Lime Green Thongkini

Megan Fox slays pretty much every decade that she is in.

Jennifer's Body Jennifer's Body popular culture icon has chosen to re-visit the 80s in her latest style choices.

ICYMI, Megan has been somewhat MIA lately, but she has been busy making plans for her wedding to her fiancé Machine Gun Kelly (aka Colson Baker),

Thinking about having bbs and dispelling rumors of breakups.

However, we've seen handful of pictures of her over the last few weeks.

Megan posted a picture of her vacation vibes and her Instagram post on September 20.

Megan is a standout from the surrounding scenery in an eye-catching bright lime-green bikini that she is wearing to enjoy a dip.

We do notice that the bikini's clasp is at the back, and the bra straps attached to the chest band.

The straps are also believed to be ruffled which is in reference to the rim of her straw hat's texture.

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Image Credit- Google