Jupiter is coming its closest to Earth in the next few decades


The gas gigantic Jupiter is making its closest it has been in 59 years to Earth for 59,343 years on Monday.

Jupiter is particularly noticeable due to the fact that it is a part of another phenomenon known as opposition.

Jupiter is closer to Earth than it has been since 1963.

On Monday, when it's the closest, Jupiter will be about 367 million miles away from Eart. At its furthest point, it's about only 600 millions miles.

The result is that views could be a bit better than the norm.

From towards Earth from the Earth is set in the west Jupiter is expected to rise towards the east right in the opposite direction.

When the sun is in opposition, planets appear at their brightest and most massive.

You'll need a method to keep your binoculars steady to see clearly.

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