Dividend,FedEx's Bleak Warning Could A Reflect Global Economy!

Fedex Stock Dividend

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Fedex Stock 

FedEx did not meet expectations for earnings and revealed significant cost reductions in its first earnings report this week.

Fedex CEO

FedEx CEO Raj Subramaniam warned of a "worldwide recession," but analysts believe that FedEx's own problems were a factor, too.

Fedex Stock Market

Analysts claim FedEx did not adapt to market conditions that changed.

Fedex Stocks Tracking

Many experts see the FedEx's recent performance as an overdue confronting with the market's realities that are coming from Covid. Covid Pandemic,

Fedex Stock Dividend

In its investor conference during June FedEx presented a optimistic outlook for 2025 based on the annual growth in revenue between 4 and 6.6%.

Fedex Stock Dividend

FedEx maintained its 2025 goals in a move Gordon Haskett Research Advisors called "borderline delusional."

Fedex Stock Dividend

FedEx's competitors, they claim they are taking an approach that is more realistic towards the conclusion of the pandemic's growth in demand.

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