3 Stocks to Be Watching This Week Costco, Fedex, General Mills

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The latest earnings report from Costco could offer insights on U.S. consumers' spending habits.


The shares of FedEx fell 21% on Friday, after the company announced its earnings would be 33% lower than the average estimate of analysts.

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General Mills is navigating supply-chain headwinds, and is passing on the more costs to consumers

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Apart from rising inflation and fears over growth in the economy, analysts will be keeping an eye on important earnings reports this week. We're tracking three of them:

3. General Mills Stocks

General Mills, will report its fiscal 2023 Q1 profits on Wednesday, September. 21, just before opening of the markets.

2. FedEx Stocks

The world's most popular parcel delivery company, FedEx (NYSE: FDX) will host its first-quarter fiscal 2023 earnings call following the close of the market on Wednesday, September. 22.

1. Costco Wholesale Stocks

The U.S.'s biggest discount retailers, in this stocks, analysts expect $4.17 per share of profits from revenues of $71.976 billion.

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This three Stocks is will  be  very profitable.

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