Bayonetta 3's third trailer promises to be a variety of Bayonetta crazy

The eagerly-awaited Bayonetta 3 is only a couple of weeks away, with the game debuting exclusively on Nintendo Switch on Oct. 28.

Inc. has released a 4 minute trailer on Thursday. it's packed with exciting action, strange transformations and numerous Bayonettas.

The trailer, titled "Bayonettas Everywhere? !" -- starts with a narrative trailer.

With a sombre soundtrack and scene that is dramatic in which Bayonetta is transformed into crystals in front of her new witch-in-training, Viola.

Things quickly get off the rails when you play classic Bayonetta gameplay Butterfly wings guns, butterfly wings and more, all of it is here.

Following a series of story-driven cutscenes The player is then in the control of Viola.

fights in a variety of bosses and environments before switching back to the witch who is the main character.

Then, things become a little more bizarre, when a pink-haired Bayonetta turns into a huge spider-demon.

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