MacBooks May Become 'Assembled in Thailand' as Apple Diversifies Supply Chain

Apple could increase MacBook manufacturing to Thailand in the near future, as it works in its efforts to broaden its supply chain as per analyst Ming-Chi Kwuo.

In a series of tweets posted today, Kuo said the main production site outside of China for Apple's upcoming MacBooks could be Thailand.

Kuo pointed out that Apple's entire collection from MacBook Air and MacBook Pro models are being assembled at Chinese factories.

Kuo stated that Apple will increase the number of product shipments in America. U.S. from non-Chinese factories in the next three to five years,

However, it's not clear whether this includes MacBooks manufactured in Thailand during that time.

Apple's long-time MacBook provider Quanta Computer has been expanding its operations in Thailand in the past few years.

Apple has extended its supply chain to China in recent years Some production is currently being produced in factories located in India as well as Vietnam.

Kuo stated that diversification can help Apple to protect itself from risk like U.S. tariffs on Chinese imports.

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