WWE Smackdown Results returned as the presentations were made for this Smackdown versus Crude match.

Before the match could begin, Becky Lynch emerged and sat down with the declare group.

While heading to her seat, Lynch cut a superfluous promotion, yet it's standard any longer.

Asuka and Shotzi got it going, with Shotzi trying not to Asuka's twist clench hand, 

so Evans labeled in.
Evans acquired the high ground and sent Asuka to her 

corner so she and Raquel could work her over for a pin endeavor.
Asuka battled

 free and hit a running knee on Raquel and takked in Alexa. Alexa did all that she could to stay away from Raquel, 

 and Raquel got her and tossed her into a corner for a sprinkle, and afterward ran her over with a shoulder block.

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