In front of the UFC 276 headliner, UFC middleweight champion Israel Adesanya made very much a mix with an 

entry roused by WWE legend The Undertaker. The resulting execution wasn't exactly pretty much as engaging

as Adesanya deliberately worked his direction to a consistent choice triumph over Jared Cannonier.

Adesanya's course of action rotated around working the poke, bluffing and landing leg kicks. It wasn't

 pretty and left the group disappointed yet it was viable in taking out a stalwart striker in Cannonier.

Cannonier endeavored to make a mid-battle change in accordance with work from the secure against the enclosure.

Sadly for the challenger, when he had the option to get a secure, he was not frequently ready to do much upsettingly past

landing knees to Adesanya's thighs.The battle was deficient in huge activity minutes, and on second thought exhibited Adesanya's

specialized abilities and the capacity of those abilities to invalidate the savage power approach of Cannonier. Frequently Cannonier

was left going after counter shots after Adesanya had proactively landed a couple of strikes and moved well out of striking reach.

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