Typhoon alerts were given for parts of both South and North Carolina early Saturday, with weighty

precipitation and limited areas of blaze flooding conjecture over the July Fourth weekend.

Typhoon Colin was framed close to the South Carolina coast around 50 miles southwest of Myrtle ocean side,

the National Hurricane Center said in a warning early Saturday.
At 5 a.m. ET Saturday, Colin was found only 

inland over South Carolina and had greatest supported breezes almost 40 m.p.h., the warning said.

The tempest was supposed to move northeastwards just along the shores of the Carolinas, it added. 

Weighty precipitation of up to 4 inches was normal, it said, which might bring about "confined areas of 

glimmer flooding."
Forecasters said the tempest conditions would hit South Carolina on Saturday morning and 

will influence North Carolina on Sunday morning, prior to disseminating over western Atlantic on Monday.

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