Hypothesis was a late expansion to the match reported by power figure Adam Pearce. It was prodded during the 

match that Vince McMahon gifted Theory the spot after he lost the United States title to Bobby Lashley prior in the 

evening. Zayn took some serious maltreatment ahead of schedule as Moss threw and pummeled him into differen

stepping stools. Conundrum was a psycho all through. A match feature saw a definitive brother land a Floating Bro 

off a stepping stool onto his rivals. Omos ran over the opposition briefly, yet his size ultimately got the better of

him. The rest of the field collaborated, lifted him high and drove him through the commentator's table. McIntyre was

headed to recover the attaché yet was interfered with by Butch. Puzzle eliminated Rollins from the situation with a

Super RKO off the stepping stools. The triumph was almost his, yet Theory dove in without a second to spare and

caught the portfolio. The contenders put their bodies on the lines with various huge spots. 

It was a turbulent coordinate with various believable competitors. It most likely won't go down

as the best Money in the Bank stepping stool match, yet it was heaps of tomfoolery.

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