What did Juri Vips say? Why Red Bull Racing hassuspended F2 driver - what occurred on Twitch

Red Bull have suspended Juri Vips, their test and save driver, after the 21-year-old utilized bigot and homophobic

language during a live gaming stream on Twitch.Celebrities, who is presently in his third F2 season, is set to

be examined by Red Bull, who he joined back in 2018.While playing Call of Duty with different players, including 

individual Red Bull junior driver Liam Lawson, live on Twitch, Vips purportedly said a racial slur.

He likewise supposedly utilized homophobic language at an alternate point during the stream too.

Lawson has likewise confronted analysis online for chuckling at Vips' language.

On Twitter, one individual expressed: "Juri Vips said the n-word on stream and Liam Lawson snickered at it. Bigotry is

so endemic in motorsport that this stuff gets hidden away from plain view - it's occurred previously."

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