After an eagerly awaited top-15 battle was on the books, Sean O'Malley's battle at UFC 276 finished in

disheartening design.
O'Malley, a Helena local, unintentionally jabbed his rival 

Pedro Munhoz in the eye in the second round of their battle at UFC 276 in Las Vegas on Saturday.

The battle was controlled a no challenge after Munhoz couldn't see out of his jabbed eye.

The battle was O'Malley's (15-1-1) 10th in the UFC. O'Malley entered the battle positioned No. 13

n the authority UFC bantamweight rankings while Munhoz is positioned No. 10.

The battle was equipping to be a specialized session. Munhoz landed 26 strikes while O'Malley landed 25 by

the battle's end.
O'Malley and Munhoz started off the compensation per-view card on Saturday.

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