The San Antonio Spurs have consented to exchange Dejounte Murray to the Atlanta Hawks in return for Danilo 

Gallinari, three future first-round picks and future first-round pick trade, CBS Sports HQ's Bill Reiter affirmed

Wednesday. The Spurs will get a 2023 first-round pick through the Charlotte Hornets, and unprotected 2025 and 

2027 first-round picks by means of the Hawks. The pick trade between the Spurs and Hawks will be in 2026.

Murray, a late first-round pick back in 2016, is falling off the best time of his vocation, in which he drove the 

association in takes and made the All-Star Game interestingly. He arrived at the midpoint of 21.1 places, 8.3 

bounce back, 9.2 helps and two takes, while shooting 46.2 percent from the field. Those imprints were vocation highs. 

The Hawks will presently coordinate him with Trae Young to frame one of the most mind-blowing youthful backcourts in the association.

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