Donald 'Rancher' Cerrone Announces Retirement At UFC 276

Donald 'Rancher' Cerrone is perhaps of the most astonishing contender throughout

the entire existence of MMA and has for some time been darling by fans and relational

arrangers the same, however presently he has declared his retirement following his battle at UFC 276.

Cerrone battled against Jim Miller in a rematch of a battle he won as far as possible back in 2014,

however he couldn't return to some time in the past and turned out to be presented 

 by Miller right off the bat in the subsequent round. He was gotten with a headkick and slipped, just for 

Miller to jump at the potential chance to secure a guillotine gag and power the tap. It came as

a shock to fans all over the planet, on the grounds that Cerrone is normally on the 

opposite finish of crafty entries and is known for his world class level Jiu-Jitsu abilities.

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