Any reasonable person would agree Alexander Volkanovski has covered his contention with Max Holloway

for good this time. Volkanovski (25-1) safeguarded his featherweight title for the fourth time Saturday night,

overcoming Holloway (23-7) by means of consistent choice in their profoundly expected set of three session.

Each of the three adjudicators scored the 145-pound title battle, which co-featured UFC 276 inside 

T-Mobile Arena, a spotless 50-45 breadth for the reigning champion.
Saturday's five-round challenge was,

by a long shot, the most conclusive consequence of the set of three. The two initially met at UFC 245 in December 2019,

and again at UFC 251 in July 2020. Volkanovski won both by choice, however the battles were very close - - 

especially the rematch. Following the rematch, some in the game actually considered Holloway

the genuine featherweight champion, however that feeling is long, a distant memory after UFC 276.

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